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Not just fruits: all the properties of papaya leaves


The fruit is not the only part of the papaya that we should pay attention to: its leaves have numerous beneficial properties.

When we think of papaya, we immediately think of the delicious (and huge) orange fruits (but they can also be green or pink) produced by this plant native to Central America but cultivated in Asia and Africa. However, fruits aren’t the only part of the plant we should pay attention to. In fact, papaya leaves can also be used, as they have different beneficial properties : let’s find out.

The properties of papaya leaves

Papaya leaves have become very popular in herbal medicine because of their beneficial properties. Historically, they were used to combat yellow fever caused by dengue mosquitoes.

Papaya leaves
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Nowadays, the benefits attributed to the use of this plant have increased. Its leaves are excellent for fighting muscle fatigue resulting from intense physical activity: in fact, they have tonic properties . In addition, they are a valid aid in the food field, where they help burn excess fat and support some treatments against diabetes , a pathology that can develop following a particularly incorrect diet but which can be prevented .

In addition, it is said to help maintain the white color of the teeth , strengthen the hair , firm the skin and eliminate the bad smell of sweat , which can also be caused by external factors.

The most surprising properties, however, are those of the latest discovery. In fact, numerous recent studies are highlighting a possible correlation between papaya leaves and the fight against certain types of cancer , including liver and breast cancer. Finally, this natural remedy is attributed with strengthening properties of the immune system .

Possible uses and side effects

The version of papaya leaves most used is the one in juice . The latter can be purchased on the market at affordable prices but considerably high when compared to those of normal fruit juices.

Another option is to make an infusion . To prepare the papaya leaf tea, just leave about twenty leaves in a liter of water, which will be boiled and then left to cool. The infusion will be consumed over time, in small doses . However, it is always good to check its state before consumption: if it is no longer clear , it is time to throw it away and prepare it again. In any case, it is possible to buy the leaves on the market already dried and ready to make tea.

The research conducted to date has not shown any particular side effects . However, it is good not to abuse it and it is advisable to consult an expert for more specific advice regarding the use of papaya leaves.

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