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Just 5 days of lack of sleep are enough to damage your brain, and in the long run your hearth can also be affected.

Sleeping too much is not healthy, as it is not sleeping enough. Many researches showed what happens to our body when we do not sleep enough, even if it is just for a few days. The results were surprising: after just 5 days, the myelin, a fundamental brain structure, is damaged. Instead, in the long run it is more likely to develop cardiovascular problems.

Not sleeping enough: consequences

The research by Dr Chiara Cirelli of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Dr Michele Bellesi of the Italian University of Marche analyzed the consequences of the lack of sleep in rats.

Researchers kept the animals awake for 4 days and a half, letting them sleep just a third than normal, reducing their sleep of 70%. In a human being, this kind of lack of sleep corresponds to 2 hours of sleep per night, for 4 days and a half. As the research proved, this can cause serious damages. Rats showed very early a depletion of their myelin, which covers the nervous fibers.

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We are talking about a fundamental part for the brain health, therefore we cannot underestimate insomnia consequences. However, the results of the study are not final yet. Researchers have to prove that human beings will have the same effects.

Nonetheless, these consequences can happen if you sleep 4/5 hours per night for many weeks in a row.

Not sleeping enough damages your heart

These kind of problems will not involve your brain only. Many experts studied the link between bad sleeping and the risk of developing damaging buildups in the arteries. After having examined about 4.000 people without heart problems, the results were clear.

People who sleep less or wake up often at night are more likely to develop atherosclerotic plaques, which make veins smaller. In this way, you can more easily suffer from heart problems, strokes or bad circulation.

The best thign to do is to improve the hours and quality of your sleep. Try and create your own relaxing routine: a hot bath, a good book or some low music. How many hours you should sleep? In order to stay healthy and allow your body to renew, try and sleep at least 7/8 hours per night.

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/photos/sonno-dormire-resto-siesta-pan-264475/

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