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Are you tired or in a bad mood? Maybe you’re suffering from these nutritional deficiencies

nutritional deficiencies

Let’s discover which foods we shouldn’t miss out on in our diet, in order to avoid dangerous nutritional deficiencies that lead to stress and poor mood.

If it is true what they say, that we are what we eat, it shouldn’t be surprising that stress and tiredness can be derived from food. When our diet isn’t well balanced, we can face nutritional deficiencies that whose various symptoms include anxiety, stress, weakness and even depression. Here’s how to avoid facing these problems.

Nutritional deficiencies: symptoms

Serenity can also come from food. It is not a common place: many macronutrients work on the brain and the nervous system, contributing to also making us feel better mentally. If, however, we have some nutritional deficiency, these benefits disappear.
Now it is important to understand what these substances are that help good moods, to avoid chancing upon a chemical imbalance in the brain which causes depression and tiredness. These are the deficiencies that can cause these symptoms.

nutritional deficiencies
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Omega 3

These fatty acids that are fundamental for our bodies aren’t produced automatically, so we need to take them on with food. To fight tiredness and mood disorders, add oily fish, which is rich in omega 3, to your diet.


This mineral acts on a cerebral level, especially in the production of some neurotransmitters. It is therefore directly involved in everything that involves mood: you only need a little bit of dark chocolate, which is rich in zinc, to boost your morale. Other sources are pumpkin seeds and spinach.
Other than being fundamental for the muscles to correctly function, magnesium can help to fight slight depressive states and chronic tiredness. To get your fill, you can eat dried fruit (almonds and walnuts first and foremost), leafy green vegetables and soy flour.

Group B vitamins

Very important for our health, these vitamins contribute to the functioning of the nervous system. Different studies have demonstrated that a deficiency considerably influences your mood. They are mainly found in red meat, leafy green vegetables and seafood.


From the moment that it acts on a thyroid level, this mineral brings many important benefits mental health. Some of the best sources of selenium are tuna, pork and oysters.

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