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Oat water: a natural remedy to lose weight and purify the body


Oat water is a natural drink rich in properties. Let’s find out all its benefits and how to prepare it.

Oats, grown mainly in Europe and North America, are one of the most nutritionally complete cereals . To begin with, it contains many fibers, vitamins and many other substances that regulate the proper functioning of vital organs. In addition, it contains slow-absorbing carbohydrates . The latter, in addition to representing a valid energy reserve, help to control the blood sugar level.

In the Mediterranean countries, in the past, oats were used almost exclusively to feed thoroughbred horses , considered superior to others, and were rarely taken by us humans, except in special cases. Nowadays, the properties of this cereal are well known. For this reason, oat water, a drink rich in properties , has spread.

Properties and benefits from oat water

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Oat water is a drink rich in beneficial properties . Much of these benefits affect the digestive system and the assimilation of nutrients.

First of all, by containing slowly absorbed carbohydrates, it helps to reach the level of satiety more quickly. This allows those who use it to lose weight and regulate the blood sugar level. In addition, it is able to regulate the metabolic activity and the concentration of cholesterol in the blood.

We must also remember that we are talking about a drink rich in fiber . This means that drinking it has positive effects on the health of the intestine and is able to purify the body . In addition, because of its carbohydrate content, it is a highly energetic food .

How to prepare oat water

To start preparing oat water, we need to get the necessary ingredients : whole oats and natural water. Quantities? 50g of oats per liter of water.

Once the ingredients are obtained, the preparation is extremely simple . Just get a blender and put a glass of water inside. Once this is done, it will be necessary to add the oats and operate the machinery until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. After that, what remains of the water will be added.

After doing this, you can add a pinch of vanilla or cinnamon. This last step can also be skipped, it will depend a lot on personal tastes . Then the blender will be activated again to mix everything . At this point, the process will be finished and it will be possible to put the oat water to rest in the refrigerator.

Did you know that oats are also excellent against depression and nervousness?

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