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Obesity and depression: is there a possible genetic link?

Obesity and depression: is there a possible genetic link?

There is a possible genetic link between obesity and depression. People with a high body mass index can suffer from mental disorders!

A recent British and Australian study found out a link between obesity and depression. It was published on the International Journal of Epidemiology.

Patients with a high body mass index and people predisposed for a greater weight increase also suffer from depressive syndromes related to psychological factors. The problem was already studied in the past, but it was not clear if depression led to weight gaining, or vice versa.

Obesity and depression: the link is genetic!

The research has pointed out how the continuous increase of the body mass index could lead to mental health problems. In particular, the problem is accepting their own image. Unlike men, women suffer the most for it.

The British Biobank provided experts with the medical histories of 500.000 peopleThey pointed out how obesity causes mental disorders and heart problems and diabetes. Many people also developed different levels of depression.

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The research concluded that the genetic predisposition is closely linked to depression. Moreover, People who managed to lose weight, also removed part of their mental disorders.

Professor Tim Frayling, author of the study, explained: “The psychological component, compared to any physiological component, is equally strong, if the latter is present“.

The study showed women suffer more from depression. Moreover, nowadays childhood obesity is increasing and, consequently, mental illnesses could manifest at a very young age.

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