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Occupational medicine: what it is and what it does


Occupational medicine is that branch of medicine that deals, in particular, with the prevention of the health of workers in their workplace, as well as, of course, making diagnoses and treating all diseases that have been caused by their job working. The concept of occupational medicine has ancient origins and is based precisely on the need to ensure the protection of workers in their workplace, from the point of view of health. The ultimate aim of this activity is to ensure a constant improvement in workplace safety, especially as regards the health (physical and mental) of the workers themselves. In order to achieve this objective, the occupational medicine doctor must possess not only numerous medical knowledge but also others in the legal field, in order to ensure maximum protection for his patients.

What are the skills that a good occupational health practitioner must possess, and what does he / she deal with more specifically? As previously mentioned, an occupational medicine doctor must, in the first instance, specialize in all those aspects that may concern the risk, and its assessment, in these places; also deepening the ability to diagnose all those traumas connected to this environment. More specifically, it acquires skills in the rapid identification of a possible exposure to chemical agents (such as strong acids and bases), dangerous to health, which interfere with the functioning of numerous systems, including the respiratory system, and the nervous system.

In addition to chemicals, many work environments expose workers to dangerous biological organisms such as bacteria, viruses, or even parasites. The occupational health practitioner must be able to recognize these exposures as early as possible in order to ensure the fastest and most effective treatment possible. Finally, it acts with all those factors that interfere with the psychosocial sphere linked to work, thus going beyond the simple physical sphere. The occupational medicine doctor must also have in-depth legal knowledge, in order to ensure, as already mentioned, a complete protection of both the patient and the company for which he works.


Why is it important to rely on a professional?

Choosing to rely on a professional, as confirmed by Dr. Schiavo specialized in occupational medicine Padua , is the best choice to ensure maximum protection for the worker and the company. The impact of accidents occurring in the workplace is very considerable; the injured parties are in fact two: the worker and the company. This is why a professional and specialized figure is undoubtedly able to ensure exceptional protection of people in the workplace.

The protection of workers and companies inevitably depends on the ability of the occupational medicine doctor to accompany companies in becoming aware of the importance of investing in protecting the health of their collaborators. Dr. Schiavo in Padua does an excellent job in this sense, allowing him to bring his medical professionalism and his knowledge to a large number of entrepreneurial realities, raising the standard of health of their employees.

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