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October 1st? Summer is not over yet with our (fake) zucchini pizza!

Zucchini pizza

A fake zucchini pizza is what you need for a light but substantial lunch. The recipe is simple and versatile: let’s discover all the possible variations.

Are you ready to prepare a zucchini pizza like you’ve never seen it before? We are talking about a pizza whose dough has, as a basic ingredient, the tastiest and most versatile vegetable in circulation: precisely zucchini. There are so many versions that you can choose to prepare it, as well as the condiments on the surface : in short, in the end you can organize an evening with friends without being afraid of the line.

Today we present it to you with a little flour in the dough : but you can also make a light zucchini pizza without flour, either baked in the oven or in a pan. Let’s see all these variations together and how to prepare them at home .

Zucchini pizza
Zucchini pizza

Preparation of the zucchini pizza in the oven

  1. First, wash the courgettes thoroughly and cut the waste. Now grate them with the appropriate utensil and let them drain in a colander placed inside a large bowl and with a weight to facilitate the exit of water from the vegetables.
  2. Once about 30-40 minutes have passed, squeeze the courgettes well, put them in a second bowl and add the flour, eggs, grated cheese and a pinch of salt.
  3. Mix everything well and divide it into two “loaves”, then take a low pan or pan of about 25 cm in diameter , cover it with parchment paper and pour half of the dough inside (carry out the same procedure with the other half ).
  4. Bake in a preheated static oven at 200 ° C for about 15 minutes.
  5. Remove the courgette rustic pizza, season it to taste and bake it again for another 10 minutes to complete cooking.
  6. Serve and serve hot

The variants of zucchini pizza: without flour or in a pan

As we have already revealed to you initially, this pizza can be prepared in various ways. If you want it even lighter and with few carbohydrates completely eliminate the flour, just add a little more grated cheese (to your taste) and mix everything until you get a sticky but well blended mixture. Once in the oven, the pizza will cook without problems and will become delicious.

The other variant, with or without flour, of the zucchini pizza recipe can also be cooked in a pan. We advise you to grease it with a drizzle of oil, place the disc of dough enclosed between two sheets of parchment paper in the pan and let it cook on one side for a few minutes. Before turning the pizza over, remove the sheet of parchment paper at the top, turn it over and let it cook for a few more minutes . Finally, season it when it is still in the pan so that the ingredients (and above all the cheese) melt.


The zucchini pizza in a pan or in the oven, with or without flour, we recommend consuming it at the moment when it is still warm and enveloping. We do not recommend freezing in the freezer.

If you also love pizza and want to try a spatial but more classic one , then Bonci pizza is for you! If, on the other hand, it is the zucchini that enchants you, here are our recipes with zucchini .

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