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October turns pink with the breast cancer prevention campaign


As every year in October, the Pink Ribbon Campaign starts again, conceived by the Italian League for the Fight against Cancer and dedicated to the prevention of breast cancer.

Much has been done, but there is still a lot to do: this could be the reflection from which to start analyzing the most recent data that speak of 53,200 new cases of breast cancer in 2019 in Italy. 30% of female cancers are in fact attributable to this pathology which affects 1 in 8 women and whose risk increases according to age, against which, however, early diagnosis and prevention can do a lot.

And it is precisely for this reason that for some years, October has been elected breast cancer prevention month, with the aim of raising awareness of the issue and helping to spread a more effective culture of prevention, the only real weapon available to fight the breast cancer.

The Pink Ribbon Campaign for breast cancer prevention

This initiative, promoted by the Italian League for the Fight against Cancer, foresees for the month of October the distribution of informative material and a series of events aimed at making people more aware of the importance of an early diagnosis.

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Furthermore, throughout the month of October it will be possible to undergo free breast examinations at the LILT provincial associations and around 400 clinics operating throughout the national territory. To access it, you need to book at the SOS LILT toll-free number 800 998877.

In fact, as never before in this year, there is an urgent need to recover periodic screening and checks, postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic that has hit Italy and the whole world.

The importance of early diagnosis for carcinomas

As mentioned, in addition to primary prevention, secondary prevention is certainly of fundamental importance, i.e. an early diagnosis , which for breast cancer at a young age consists of self-examination, while after forty it means going to a specialist and carrying out tests. specific, including breast ultrasounds and mammograms.

An early diagnosis makes the difference between life and death: in this type of cancer, in fact, the chances of surviving , if diagnosed in time, are very high.

How to prevent breast cancer

In addition to secondary prevention, which we have seen as one of the essential tools to prevent and overcome breast cancer, there are other virtuous behaviors that can help us in the fight against breast cancer.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle, practicing physical activity constantly and following a healthy and balanced diet, with a greater consumption of vegetables , fresh fruit and whole grains, play an effective protective role against this disease.

The factors and categories at risk

Medical studies have established a correlation between female hormones and the appearance of this disease whose onset increases significantly up to the age of 50 . After this age group it undergoes a decrease in cases until the reappearance during menopause , albeit with a lower incidence.

Other factors that are considered significant are those related to cases of breast cancer of first degree relatives , menopause , obesity or excessive alcohol consumption .

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