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Octopus diet, how to reduce weight and control pressure


Octopus, belonging to the cephalopod mollusc family, is low in fat. Let’s discover the benefits of a diet that sees it as the protagonist.

The octopus diet is a diet that focuses on the properties of mollusc meat. In fact, this food contains few fats and many nutrients , such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamins A, C and of group B. Thanks to its low fat concentration, octopus meat is particularly suitable in low-calorie diets aimed at the loss of weight . In fact, octopus is one of the most recommended alternative elements by experts.

Furthermore, it should be remembered that the proteins contained in the octopus are far lower than those of other fish. The octopus diet therefore allows you to enjoy a multifaceted food which, due to its many qualities, contributes to regulating the body’s values ​​and processes . The most important are certainly the control of pressure and the health of bones and teeth . But let’s see all the qualities of the octopus and some advice on how to consume it.

Benefits of octopus

Choosing the octopus diet means drawing on an important source of minerals and important elements such as calcium and potassium . The latter is one of the fundamental players in the functioning of cells and in the control of blood pressure.

Octopus meat
Octopus meat

Consequently, the octopus is excellent for heart and circulatory system health. Returning to the great content of minerals and nutrients we can say that the octopus diet helps to meet the need for phosphorus and calcium .

These two elements are basic for the construction and mineral density of bones and teeth. The octopus diet also allows you to integrate many fundamental vitamins such as vitamin A , a natural and essential antioxidant for vision.

Among the many vitamins present in the octopus, in addition to those already mentioned, we find vitamin B12 , which contributes to the formation of red blood cells , and vitamin C, a real enhancement for the immune system.

How to consume octopus

In general it is always advisable to cook the octopus before consuming it to eliminate the presence of any parasites . In fact parasites such as Anisakis may be present, which are harmful to humans.

By following the octopus diet, however, it may happen that you want to consume it raw, a practice that obviously is not prohibited, but needs some attention .

If you want to eat raw octopus you must be sure that the mollusc has been previously frozen at -20 ° centigrade for at least 24 hours , as indicated in the section of European legislation.

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