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Ode to the sweater, the garment that Lady D liked so much: the vintage models for autumn / winter 2021

Winter sweaters

Vintage, solid color, patterned, in cardigan or turtleneck version, are the sweaters that will warm us this year.

Hot chocolate, fireplace, throws and sweaters? Winter is not far off, so better not be caught unprepared and start summarizing the trends of one of the key pieces of our cold season-proof wardrobe. Turtlenecks, cardigans, cut-out or super oversized models , there are as many sweaters as you want this year and they ride two trends. The first is that of originality, even going beyond the classic turtleneck, the second is that of vintage : this means that if the mother has kept some 80s sweater or the grandmother could make one in that style, it is the right year. to dust them off or make one. An inspo that is also inspired by the models that Lady D.

Autumn / winter 2021 sweaters: the vintage models a la Lady D.

With the success of the chapter of The Crown dedicated to Diana Spencer, the curiosity to take a deeper look at the princess’s wardrobe, and which several times during this year has been a constant inspiration for us, in view of the cold season brings us straight to the sweaters chapter.

Colorful, imaginative, vintage models return to dominate autumn / winter 2021 : snowflakes, polka dots, deer, with striped patterns, optical motifs, these are the themes that Lady D preferred between the 80s and 90s. . And always with a step forward, he had already worn the color block models. What has always conquered were not only the many models that Diana kept in her wardrobe, but also the ability to know how to match them: on shorts, to tone down a formal combination if the occasion was official but for relaxation, take it easy , or under a blazer, a habit absolutely to copy.

Zara, H&M, Falconeri, Stradivarius: turtlenecks, cropped and oversized models

If, however, in the years of Lady D the models to alternate between were mostly limited to cardigans, turtlenecks and classic models with V or round necks, this year the catwalks have tried to give new life to the sweaters, starting right from the cuts . Let’s start with the Zara model which in a cropped version, in a pastel pink / white mix is ​​the perfect synthesis of the vintage taste of the Lady D with its floral pattern , and the new trends. And it is immediately a must have!

Sweater with Zara flowers
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– The ribbed models, on the other hand, in the oversize version and cardigan with buttons in mother-of-pearl shades, have always been the workhorse of the H&M collection that mixes neutral and pastel colors, including wisteria: a collection perfectly anchored to the trends of the latest winter catwalks . But in addition to wool, cashmere also deserves a special place, and for quality and versatility, as well as for a bright color palette, you can turn your gaze to the new Falconeri collection.

Stradivarius sheep sweater
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– And if multicolor has stolen your heart for months now, perhaps also recalling those unicorn fantasies and shades that seem not to give up on trends, the Stradivarius collection is a celebration of the color of its possible mix and match in mixed nuances. And there is no shortage of vintage models, starting with the sheepskin pattern that makes us think so much about Lady D.

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