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Okinawa diet: the simple Japanese meal plan

Okinawa: the simple Japanese diet

The Okinawa Japanese diet is known throughout the world for its benefits. Let’s see what it is and how it works.

The Japanese people is known for its longevity. In particular, the highest number of centenarians is recorded among the inhabitants of the Okinawa island.

The secret of their long life is due to the diet they follow, rich in fish, seaweeds and low-fat foods and with no red meat. For this reason, you often hear about the Okinawa diet, which takes its name from the island. Let’s see how it works and what its benefits are.

Okinawa diet: weekly menu

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The Okinawa diet is inspired by the typical diet of the inhabitants of the Japanese island. For them, breakfast is a very important meal which should never be skipped. You should eat foods rich in protein, fiber and antioxidants, such as soy milk pancakes with blueberries, fresh eggs and green tea.

At lunch, instead, you should eat foods based on vegetables, such as broccoli, asparagus, sweet potatoes, tofu, and seaweed. Finally, dinner is protein-based. For example, you can eat miso soup, shrimps or other steamed fish, together with rice or wholemeal pasta. You should eat fish at least three times a week, while red meat is absent in this diet.

The snacks between a meal and another are not prohibited, but must be based on fresh fruit and vegetables.

Okinawa diet: recipes

The Okinawa diet recipes are typical of Japanese cuisine, such as miso soup, sushi, sashimi and other dishes based on rice, seaweed and fresh fish.

Red meat should be replaced by fish. You should eat a lot of vegetables, mushrooms and soy.

Okinawa diet, does it work?

Considered its low calorie content, this diet will certainly make you lose weight. However, this is not its main benefit.

Its low content of fats and the hight fiber and Omega-3 levels, contained in fish, in particular salmon, make this diet great for reducing cholesterol and preventing heart diseases and cancer.

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