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Old Money Style: the look of the American way of life goes crazy on Tik Tok

Preppy style girl

Nostalgia, escape or dream of an impossible ideal? The Old Money aesthetic defines Gen Z’s favorite dress code.

The #OldMoneyAesthetic has 83 million views on TikTok, a fashion trend loved by Generation Z that recognizes itself in a luxurious, exclusive style, a look that is the son of the preppy style that has always been worn by heir children and wealthy owners, who have this clothing is synonymous with wealth. Refined fabrics, tailored and handcrafted jackets, pleated skirts, moccasins and cashmere sweaters, are just some of the garments that identify a style that does not belong to Gen Z, which however lets itself be inspired and explains how and with which garments to make this style. But exactly, what is meant by Old Money aesthetic?

What is Old Money aestethic and why it is crazy about Tiktok

TikTok is the favorite social network of Generation Z, so naturally all the trends, styles and interests of this target are born and grow on this platform. If you don’t have Tiktok, however, even on Instagram the # OldMoneyaesthetic with its more than eight thousand posts can allow you to understand the style in question. In fact, there are specific leaders that identify this style, which however, as we will see, presents two different currents of thought.

The term Old Money in particular refers to rich families, children of rich heiresses, which is why on Tiktok, alongside the looks, photos of members of this category are shared, such as the Kennedys or protagonists of the English royal family. Remaining therefore on the American way of Life , the Old Money Style is very close to the preppy style , the dress code typical of colleges , such as those of the Ivy League, where high-ranking American families are handed down positions of honor. In Italy, on the other hand, the reference is mostly to those who have noble titles, to rich people who own homes on Lake Como, a niche nobility, but in whose style, curiously, Gen Z recognizes itself and chooses, inspired by their clothing, to evoke it. .

How to dress according to the aesthetics of Old Money: the tips of Gen Z

Among the reference accounts to find out what to wear to create the Old Money style is The Castle Diary on Tiktok, an all-Italian profile of an Italian girl who lives in a castle, and in addition to presenting how to dress in this style , show the real Old Money way of life .

The garments that make up a statement of this style are brands such as Loro Piana, Brunello Cucinelli, Ralph Lauren, Chanel , Hermès , to name a few. The style, very close to the preppy, involves the combination of blue blazers, headbands, pleated tennis-style skirts and polo shirts: pop series of great inspiration to pack this style is definitely Gossip Girl . However, there is also an alternative way to follow the Old Money aesthetic, which goes beyond the preppy: according to many users, what matters is to prefer luxury, unique, exclusive and refined garments, focusing on timeless garments and accessories such as necklaces of pearls, elegant materials and basic colors.

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