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Olivine: charmtherapy properties of this birthstone

Olivine: charmtherapy properties of this birthstone

According to tradition, the olivine stone is a good luck charm: let’s see what its properties and uses are in charmtherapy.

Olivine, also known as peridot, is a famous mineral and a good luck charm. According to charmherapy, it helps finding the right balance.

Olivines are part of many rocks, especially igneous ones. This mineral is the first one to form after magma crystallizes. Olivine is widespread in Egypt, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Australia, Brazil, the United States and Ireland. Let’s see in detail its features.

Olivine: structure and properties


Peridot is a silicate mineral. It belongs to to the family of nesosilicates, formed by SiO4 tetrahedras, linked by atoms of iron and magnesium or calcium and manganese. Its crystals have a granular, squat masses, prismatic shape and its color can vary from yellowish to olive green. Chrysolite is the name of the clear green stones.

According to charmtherapy, olivine is connected to the chakra of the heart and the solar plexus. For this reason, it has a warm energy and it carries light, which encourages our love for nature. This stone can overcome the sense of guilt and improve self-esteem. Also, it seems olivine brings prosperity, both in your love life and in the economic sector. Moreover, using olivine during meditation, to stimulate spirituality. Finally, it has been considered for centuries as a birthstone.

Olivine in charmtherapy: how to use it

To benefit from peridot properties, just bring it always with you, in contact with your skin. The ideal is to wear it around your neck as an amulet, so you will have it next to your heart.

Olivine: price and value

Olivine does not have a great value, but many jewels include it. Its price varies according to size and purity.


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