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You can purify your body and get back in shape with the one-day detox diet. Find out how!

When we eat something we shouldn’t, we immediately feel sorry, especially in the weekend, when we are more carefree. It’s ok! You can get back in shape with the one-day detox diet! It will help fixing your mistakes by purifying your body in just 24 hours. Let’s fid out together how to do it!

One-day detox diet to purify your body: how to do it?

Usually we eat something we shouldn’t during the weekend, when there is no work routine. Therefore, Monday can be the right day to purify your body and get back in shape. Moreover, this one only lasts 24 hours!

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It is fundamental to wake up early in the morning and start your day in the best day possible. You can drink lemon water: in this way, you will have the right dose of vitamin C and you will purify your stomach.

Then, you can drink a strawberry smoothie for breakfast: it is tasty and rich in fibers, which will benefit your intestine. For lunch, you can eat a seasonal vegetable soup; for dinner, steamed fish with boiled vegetables. Remember to have 2 snacks with fruits and yogurt and to drink a lot of water.

If you think you can purify your body with a strong workout, you’re wrong. This is a common, avoidable mistake: a light workout is better. Start with 3 minutes of yoga. These exercises are light but powerful at the same time.

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/photos/verdure-carota-cibo-sano-dieta-1085063/

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