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One Night Only by Giorgio Armani: the first post-pandemic appointment starts from Dubai

Fashion Show

In luxurious Dubai, Giorgio Armani presents the best of the collections for next spring / summer 2022.

Fashion, the first to stop in the middle of the pandemic, is gradually recovering its live spaces since September. The increase in fashion weeks and in-person events is a clear sign that the fashion system has found the right confidence to start over. To further confirm this is the One Night Only fashion show-event, organized in Dubai by Giorgio Armani in conjunction with the Expo , itinerant and aperiodic shows that present the best of next year’s collections by stopping off in a city in the world. On this occasion, the mix of the men’s and women’s collections for spring / summer 2021 was the protagonists of the catwalk.

One Night Only in Dubai: Giorgio Armani returns to the metropolis of his first hotel

Dubai’s choice to inaugurate the first post-pandemic One Night Only is not only linked to the Expo, but also to the fascination that Giorgio Armani does not hide for a constantly changing luxury metropolis: “This is an incredible metropolis: born almost from nothing, it evolves and changes at a frenzied pace, and has an enthralling energy , explained the designer, focusing precisely on key words such as change and energy , which can be intertwined with the social, fashion and even climatic world.

Perfectly in line with this mood was also the sustainable production of the show , which tried to reduce as much as possible the impact of the displacement generated by the numerous guests who reached the designer from all over the world. Led lights, recyclable materials, hybrid and electric cars, because as the stylist points out, sustainability cannot be ignored.

In this former desert that has become a thriving city there is also the first Armani hotel that blows out ten candles, and that is why this event, accompanied by the sound frame signed by Chris Martin, takes on the flavor of a triple celebration for King Giorgio: the new collection, the almost return to normality and success in one of the most loved and richest luxury cities in the world.

Fairytale dresses parade in Dubai: between crystals and pastel shades

If you are aware of the images of Dubai that are commonly shown to us, put aside the breathtaking beaches for a moment and think of the slender luminous and illuminated skyscrapers that draw magical evenings: it is in this perspective that the wonderful evening dresses worn by models from the Armani Spring / Summer 2021 collection .

A time to shine selection mixed from the Armani Privé Collection : precious dresses covered with crystals, smooth and vibrant fabrics, reminiscent of those of fairies or fairy tale princesses , in gray, green, pink, blue, in their most candid and ethereal shades, very light silhouettes, designed for a great dance in the light of a sparkling metropolis. Armani seems to be launching his invitation for the coming year in a myriad of colors on the catwalk: to go back to dreaming and dancing.

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