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One of the protagonists in the Dinner Club, we present the salama da Sugo from Ferrara

Salama da sugo

One of the typical products of Ferrara is the salama da sugo, a particular cured meat that should be eaten only after it has been cooked.

Among the various typical regional products we cannot fail to mention the salama da sugo, originally from the province of Ferrara . This is a very special cured meat that should be eaten, unlike many others, only after it has been cooked . The way it is cooked is elaborate and takes quite a long time, but the result pays off any kind of effort.

Its secret lies in the composition. The salami is a set of different parts of pork and the original recipe also requires the addition of salt, pepper and nutmeg, to flavor the mix even more. After cooking it, you can accompany it to the puree, as Cracco and Fabio de Luigi did in the Dinner Club . This product is also excellent for seasoning a bold risotto or as a side dish.

Salama da sugo
Salama da sugo

Preparation of the recipe for salama da sugo

  1. Before getting into the process, you must leave the salama to soak for a whole night . Fill a container with warm water and let it rest in this way, to soften the external encrustations.
  2. The next morning, brush the outside gently.
  3. First, fill a saucepan (with very high sides) with water and place on the stove.
  4. Wrap the product in a thin cloth and tie with string .
  5. Immerse it in the water but, before proceeding to cooking the salama da sugo, place a wooden stick on the edges of the pot. This will be used to support the end of the string and keep the salami suspended in the liquid, without letting it touch the bottom of the container.
  6. Cook over low heat for over 4 hours , constantly keeping the water boiling. Be careful not to break the bladder.
  7. After cooking, remove the string and place it on a plate. Cut the upper part horizontally, to free the soft and juicy meat inside, which you can pick up with a spoon.
  8. You can serve it hot or cold, whole or cut into wedges.


Enjoy the salamina da sugo, originally from Ferrara, alone or with a particular dish. You can keep it in the fridge for 1 day and heat it or freeze it for a few weeks and reheat it if necessary.

Another spectacular preparation, known in the Dinner Club , is that of thecazzomarro .

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