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Online tampon booking guide

covid test

During the early days of covid 19 test management, reservations for swabs, rapid or molecular, were only made by telephone and in private clinics.

To manage the increase in infections and the reopening of various borders, to date, it is possible to make reservations for tampons even in pharmacies, and through your computer or mobile phone.

Above all, the possibility of finally booking the covid buffer online is a guarantee for those who cannot risk losing the test or waiting a few more days.

In this article, we will look at the differences between molecular and rapid swab and why it is so beneficial to book your test online safely and quickly.

covid test

Difference between molecular buffer and rapid buffer

In both cases (molecular swab and rapid swab) a cotton swab is used to collect biological material in the nose and / or oral cavity.

But, if the withdrawal method is the same, the difference lies instead in the virus detection method.

After carrying out a molecular test , in fact, the procedure is to search for the genome of the Sars Covid 2 virus through a method called Real Time PCR ( RT-PCR ).

Through this procedure it can be established whether the subject has an ongoing Covid 19 infection (therefore it is positive) or not (it is negative).

The result of this test may be available between 24 and 48 hours after taking the swab.

To distinguish the rapid test from the molecular one are the reliability and the research method. In fact, after taking the mucosa lining the nasopharynx and / or the oropharynx in the same way, only the antigens , or the superficial proteins of the virus, are searched.

The result of the rapid test, unlike the molecular one, is available approximately 15 minutes after taking the swab.

Why choose to book the tampon online

Online reservations are particularly fast, secure and do not require endless minutes of waiting. By making the online reservation of the swab for the covid, in fact, whether it is molecular or rapid, it is possible to find the center closest to your home that is available on the day and time suitable for those who must undergo the test.

In this way, in addition to long waits, you also avoid the risk of not finding a place on a given day or at a given time in the clinic contacted.

Online tampon reservation instructions

Making a tampon reservation online is very simple, you just need to connect with your smartphone or computer to a specific platform.

The various options of all clinics that perform this type of service will be immediately provided.

The steps to make the reservation correctly are as follows:

  • connect to the platform you prefer
  • choose the nearest clinic from among the various options
  • choose the day and time in which you want to carry out the test
  • check availability
  • pay directly online to avoid further queues in the clinic.

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