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Orange in chromotherapy: meaning and benefits of this color

Orange in chromotherapy: meaning and benefits of this color

Orange is often used in chromotherapy for its many benefits. Read everything about its meaning and its effects on our body.

This color comes from a balanced mixture of red and yellow. Orange gives energy and positivity, and that is why chromotherapy often uses it.

Many cultures consider this color brings good fortune. It has many benefits for the body and the psyche. What is its meaning  and what are its uses?

Orange: the meaning of this color

Orange is the color of optimism, positivity and self-esteem. It helps to regain self-confidence, to develop creativity and to foster independence. It also promotes mental focusing: buddhist monks wear orange robes, to rise to a higher spirituality level.

This color eliminates negative feelings and enhance our spirit of enterprise. Finally, it is linked to pleasure and its research, either through your body and your mind. Orange marks the meeting point of body and consciousness.

The benefits of this color

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Chromoherapy uses orange for people in need of optimism. It is very useful in those who suffer from depression, because it brings joy and positivity in their life. This color has also benefits in individuals who have suffered trauma and who need to dismiss negative emotions they have difficulties to deal with.

People who often feel tired, have lost self-confidence, are blocked by fear and indecision, have no enthusiasm or can no longer enjoy their life can benefit from the color orange.

Instead, on a physical level, this is a warm color that stimulates blood circulation and pressure. It also relieves muscle tension and gives energy and vitality. Orange stimulates deep breathing, reduces sluggish bowel and favors the development of the immune system.

Finally, this color can relieve many diseases, including impotence, nausea, vomiting, arteriosclerosis, abdominal pain, and thyroid problems.

How to use orange in chromotherapy?

To get maximum benefits, try to surround yourself with orange items and to wear clothes of this color. When you are in a bad mood, just wear an orange scarf to get off to a good start.

Do not underestimate the importance of the power of chromotherapy. Orange foods are closely related to vitamin C, essential for the well-being of your immune system and of your mood. Then, go ahead with oranges, melons, pumpkin, carrots, mandarins, and persimmons!

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