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Oregano essential oil: an essence with many properties

Essential oil

Oregano essential oil can prove to be an excellent ally of our health: let’s discover its properties and uses.

Among the most used essences, oregano essential oil can boast many beneficial properties . It is an effective natural remedy in several situations.

The essential oil is obtained from the homonymous plant, belonging to the Lamiaceae family of Mediterranean origin . Oregano was already used in ancient times, in traditional Chinese medicine as a remedy for infections and fever. In addition, some animals also appear to be prone to feed on this plant when injured.

Nowadays, the plant is used as an aromatic plant in various recipes of the Italian and foreign tradition as well as as a natural remedy against infections and much more. Let’s find out the properties and uses of this essence.

Oregano essential oil, the properties

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Oregano essential oil has multiple properties. First of all, let’s remember those against infections : it is able to fight any type of infection, whether it is intestinal, respiratory or a wound. In addition, it is an excellent anti-inflammatory , especially against joint inflammation, but not only.

In addition, it is an excellent antibiotic , especially against Gram-positive bacteria, and antifungal against candida fungi or fungus that attack the respiratory tract.

The benefits of taking oregano do not end there: it is excellent for fighting digestive disorders and is a valid ally against anxiety and stress and an exceptional antiseptic .

How to use it

There are several ways to use oregano essential oil. It can be used on the skin , massaging the inflamed parts, for example the joints. However, it is good to keep in mind that it is advisable to avoid spreading the essence directly on the skin, it is necessary to dilute it in vegetable oil . Two or three drops in at least 30ml of oil the ideal dose.

Another method may be that of the suffumigi , suitable especially if you want to benefit the respiratory tract . Again, about two or three drops will be enough, diluted in a basin of boiling water.

In addition, essential oil can be used in an aroma diffuser . By doing this, you will enjoy its antiseptic and anti-stress properties and strengthen your immune system .

However, despite being rich in benefits, this essential oil should be avoided in particular situations , such as pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is also important not to use it in children.

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