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Otitis: the 5 most effective natural remedies

Otitis: the 5 most effective natural remedies

From garlic to hydrogen peroxide, let’s see what the most effective natural remedies to fight this ear infection are, without taking medications.

Otitis is a very annoying ear infection. There are two types of otitis. The first one, called otitis externa, is the inflammation of the ear canal and the outer part of the ear. Instead, otitis media, which is most profound and severe, affects the Eustachian tube, which connects ears and pharynx.

You should always treat otitis media with specific medications, usually antibiotics. They must be prescribed by a doctor, because the ear infection is caused by dangerous bacteria or viruses. If the earache is accompanied by fever, you should immediately see your doctor. When, instead, the pain is mild, you can first try some natural remedies. Let’s see what the most effective ones are.

Otitis: causes


As already mentioned, earache is due to an infection. Otitis externa can be due to fungi or bacteria and, for example, it may be contracted at the swimming pool or at the sea, or it can be due to improper cleaning. Indeed, it is wrong to clean the ears with cotton swabs, because they push wax and dirt in depth and can also cause damage to the eardrum.

Instead, otitis media is due to bacteria or viruses. It is often connected with infections of the upper respiratory tract, ear canal injuries, allergies or poor hygiene.

Earache: grandma’s old remedies

Garlic. It is a powerful natural antibiotic, very effective in case of otitis externa. Boil two cloves of garlic for a few minutes, crush them and put them in a sterile gauze. Hold it onto your ear for at least half an hour per day.

Onion. This is also a great anti-bacterial food. Use it instead of garlic to make a compress to hold on the sore ear.

Hydrogen peroxide. Use this product as ear drops: pour three drops in your sore ear every 12 hours.

Olive oil. Heat a bit of olive oil and pour three drops per day of it in the affected ear.

Essential oils. Steam inhalations with lavender, mint and eucalyptus essential oils are perfect to clean the respiratory tract and the ears in case of a cold.


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