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Over liner: discover the trend of the 2020/2021 season

woman with over liner

Find out how to apply the over liner. For a more intense look in line with the 2020/2021 trends.

The new season has now entered and if we talk about make-up , one of the trends that seems to make history is that of the over liner.
As the name suggests, it involves applying a line of eyeliner over the eye. A style choice that has already become quite in vogue abroad and that is becoming more and more widespread also in Italy. So let’s find out how to make it to have a more interesting look and definitely the center of attention.

Over liner: how to apply

First of all, starting from a cleansed and hydrated skin, the primer must be applied, which is essential to make the makeup smoother and more durable.
At this point, a lot depends on personal taste. In fact, there are no absolute rules regarding the over liner. It can then be applied to the naked eye or after applying the eyeshadow.

woman with over liner
woman with over liner

The watchword, in this case, is precision . It will be necessary to draw a precise line on the line of the eyelid. Reason why it is preferable to use a pen eyeliner.
Again, there are no rules. You can then choose to complete the makeup in different ways.

It is possible to create stylized shapes, use different colors instead of the usual black, create a simply shaded line and, if desired, opt for different effects by playing with eye shadows and pencils. What matters is to dare without overdoing it, always choose colors that go well with the complexion and apply eyeliner without errors .

How to wear the over liner

As already mentioned, what matters is always aiming for an effect that is able to get noticed but with style . It is therefore important to remember that a make-up of this type places so much attention on the eyes that the rest will have to be barely mentioned.

Ok then to a light blush and a lip gloss . In this way you will avoid overdoing and you will have the certainty of an amazing result.

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