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Simple and creamy, here’s how to prepare pasta with cream and zucchini

Among the first courses with zucchini that you absolutely must try is pasta with cream and zucchini, a little old-fashioned...

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Strawberries in pregnancy: what you need to know about their consumption

One of the most common questions involving pregnant women is about the consumption of strawberries during pregnancy. Let's find out,...

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Homemade vegan ricotta with soy milk

Making soy ricotta is really simple. Vegetable milk and wine vinegar will be enough to obtain the classic rennet. Making...

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Why is smoking bad for your health?

Why smoking is bad: the damages associated with active and passive smoking and excessive tobacco consumption. World No Tobacco Day,...

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Parsley pesto recipe: perfect for seasoning pasta

Excellent for seasoning pasta or for flavoring meat and fish: this is how parsley pesto is prepared! Preparing homemade pesto...

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How to prepare courgette flower fritters?

One zucchini flower fritter leads to another: preparing them is really simple, let's find out how with our recipe! When...

Health2 days ago

World No Tobacco Day, here’s when it is and what it is about

Tomorrow is world no tobacco day. A day born to remember how important it is to quit smoking. May 31st...

Recipes2 days ago

Let’s prepare together an excellent bread with rice flour

Did you know that it is possible to prepare bread with rice flour at home? This recipe is gluten-free: excellent...