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Risotto with turnip greens, an excellent first course

How to prepare a vegetarian first course to serve for lunch or dinner? Here is the recipe for risotto with...

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Spaghetti with walnuts and anchovies: simplicity and flavor at the table!

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Important occasions ahead? Try the layer cake

Are you looking for an easy birthday cake to prepare? Try the layer cake with its cheese and strawberry frosting....

Recipes24 hours ago

Passatelli of chickpeas in cream of pumpkin and potatoes

The chickpea passatelli in pumpkin and potato cream are as beautiful to look at as they are good to eat,...

Health1 day ago

Pemphigus vulgaris, woe to mistake it for stomatitis: symptoms and treatment

Pemphigus vulgaris can easily be mistaken for stomatitis: let's see what the causes, symptoms and treatment are. Pemphigus vulgaris is...

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Meatballs in the air fryer: how to have them soft and juicy

Air fryer meatballs aren't fried but are still extremely tasty. Here is our 20 minute recipe. Who doesn't like meatballs...

Recipes2 days ago

Sauteed artichokes with fresh parsley: a simply delicious side dish

Here are the artichokes sautéed in a pan with fresh chopped parsley: an excellent side dish for meat, egg or...

Recipes2 days ago

Thirty turnips: a rustic dish with guaranteed success!

Trentino-style turnips are a dish that is as simple to prepare as it is delicious: discover the typical recipe now....