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Health1 hour ago

Rhinorrhea: what it is, what it depends on and how it is treated

Rhinorrhea is that phenomenon better known as “runny nose”. A problem that can depend on various factors, some of which...

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Romagna Easter loaf: the typical recipe (also to be made with the Thermomix)

Sarsina Easter loaf: the classic recipe (and the one with the Thermomix) to prepare a soft and fragrant leavened product...

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Pasta with zucchini, a tasty and quick first course to prepare (with photos and videos)

Here's how to make pasta with zucchini to perfection: a first course that can be prepared in many different ways,...

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Trippa alla veneta: a triumph of poor cooking

Cooking stewed Venetian tripe is quite simple. A few genuine ingredients are enough to get the maximum flavour. For a...

Health22 hours ago

EMDR: what it is and how it works

Let's find out what EMDR is, what it is, how it works and for whom this method that helps work...

Recipes22 hours ago

How to make tartar sauce: the original recipe

It is similar to mayonnaise, but its particular taste will win you over: here's how to prepare the recipe for...

Health1 day ago

Glaucoma: what it is, what the symptoms are and what it entails

Glaucoma is a chronic disease that affects the optic nerve. Let's find out how to recognize it and what are...

Health1 day ago

What is myocarditis: causes, symptoms and possible treatment

Myocarditis: what it is, what are the causes and symptoms and how it is possible to cure viral heart inflammation....