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Pain in the armpit: causes and possible remedies


Pain in the armpit is a fairly common symptom that can have different meanings. Let’s find out the most important causes and possible remedies.

When suffering from armpit pain, the first thing to do is to investigate the possible causes . It is in fact a rather delicate area and in which there are lymph nodes, glands, lymphatic vessels, nerve fibers, etc … It follows that pain in this area can be caused by various factors. And, although in most cases, the reasons are easy to resolve, it is always good to pay attention to every slightest sign of pain in the armpit.

Armpit pain: the most common causes

Among the first causes of pain in the left armpit or pain in the right armpit are trauma .

These can be of various types ranging from those that are obtained by falling or hitting something to those caused by a bad shave or by irritating clothing. Wrong postures in case of physical activity can also lead to a similar problem. Strains and contractures are, for example, very often the cause of underarm pain in humans.

sweat armpits
sweat armpits

Excluding the simplest problems to solve, it is good to remember that among the causes of a discomfort in the armpit there can also be swollen lymph nodes , folliculitis, psoriasis and even some vascular problems. For this reason, whether you have pain in the right or left armpit or both, in case of doubts about the causes it is always better to ask your doctor for advice.

Most common remedies for armpit pain

In case of medical problems, such as folliculitis , the treatment is usually pharmacological and must be prescribed by the doctor. If nothing should emerge and you therefore think of a tear, it is good to contact a physiotherapist. If the problem occurs simultaneously with redness of the area, then you can think of an allergy or an irritation.

In this case, as it happens for the irritation of the armpits or the reddened navel, it is important to use detergents as natural as possible and to wear breathable garments that do not irritate the part.
It is also very important to pay attention to how you shave and use delicate deodorants and emollient creams that allow the area to breathe.

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