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Pain in the very lower abdomen and under the belly: what to do when it arises

Very low belly pain

Pain in the very lower abdomen can be a sign of problems ranging from mild to severe. Let’s find out what it depends on and when to worry.

When you suffer from pain in the belly and, more specifically, pain in the lower abdomen, the reasons can be so many. For this reason it is always good to investigate in order to understand the causes. In the area of ​​the lower abdomen, in fact, reside among others the genital organs, the last part of the intestine, the organs of the urinary tract, some important muscles and a part of the vertebral column. For this reason, when you experience pain of this kind it is always very important to talk to your doctor , even if only to find a remedy that can relieve the pain.

Pain under the belly: what are the most common causes

The first thing to do when experiencing pain under the belly is to identify the area where the problem is.

belly pain
belly pain

In fact, there is pain in the lower left abdomen as well as pain in the lower right abdomen. And they both have very different causes.
In general, the most frequent are:

– Appendicitis
Intestinal problems
– Urinary tract infections
– Gynecological problems
– Hernia

Obviously, based on the cause, treatments also tend to vary.
If a herbal tea can help in case of menstrual pain, for urinary tract infections you need more important remedies such as D-Mannose or cranberry. The intestine needs appropriate ferments, etc.

Among the various possibilities there is also abdominal swelling which can expand the possibilities including sifting and including intestinal flu . It is therefore something that you cannot do alone but for which, unless you already know the causes, you almost always need the opinion of an expert.

Pain in the lower abdomen: when to see a doctor

Typically, if a pain comes and goes on its own or if you understand that the malaise is due to the presence of your menstrual cycle , constipation or other easily resolvable problems, you can take something natural and wait to see how it proceeds.

In the case of persistent pain, it is advisable to contact a doctor in order to begin the necessary investigations to understand the exact cause, thus finding a remedy or treatment suitable for resolving the painful symptoms definitively.

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