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Panettone Tiri: history, characteristics and varieties

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The story of Tiri artisan panettone is a story that has its roots in a pastry tradition that has been handed down for generations.

What makes it a real excellence is the rituality of a skilful processing , which is renewed year after year, without losing sight of its own identity.

In fact, the Tiri artisan panettone has always originated from a long production process that leaves nothing to chance, the protagonist of an ancient tradition , born in 1957 from the passion of grandfather Vincenzo.

new year's vegan menu

For over sixty years this pastry masterpiece has stood out on the tables of Italians, thanks to a limited production but with superior quality and taste. The panettone tiri from the renowned Acerenza pastry shop is in fact produced in the homonymous laboratory which has its headquarters in the well-known Lucanian municipality, from where it arrives every year throughout Italy, to accompany the Christmas holidays.

Panettone Tiri: the recipe behind its success

Today to keep the tradition alive there is a third generation of talents who have been able to combine, with the ancient art of pastry-making , a research aimed at the excellence and quality of raw materials. The recipe for Tiri panettone in fact involves the use of fresh and precious ingredients, such as exclusively stone-ground Italian flours, fresh eggs from Italian free-range hens and French and Belgian cream surfacing butter.

Each panettone is also born from a process that starts with three dough procedures and seventy-two hours of leavening with ancient mother yeast . The strain of the product was born in the thirties and, since its creation, has been renewed day after day with long and delicate procedures. Thanks to its origins and to the presence of natural microorganisms , Tiri’s mother yeast also enjoys particular healthy characteristics, which guarantee extremely soft and digestible leavened products, even without the use of preservatives.

An assortment of fruit of Italian origin , selected and cared for by the experience of master pastry chefs, gives the Tiri panettone its exclusive taste. From bourbon vanilla to diamond cedar, from Australian raisins to Lucanian staccia orange, each product is peeled by hand and processed immediately, so that it does not lose its natural aroma.

The candying process used by Tiri laboratories, the flagship of the experience of the well-known pastry, is the result of a long and delicate procedure, which gives the fruit a more intense aroma and a greater degree of softness.

Panettone Tiri, different variations for an excellent taste

Over the years, the quality of Tiri artisanal panettone has been recognized by a series of very important awards that have enhanced its taste and the wise and genuine recipe. Today, however, Tiri combines the classic artisan panettone with three unmissable flavor variations, such as the white chocolate and coffee panettone, the salted caramel one and the apricot, bergamot and chocolate one.

The white chocolate and coffee panettone is a variant that preserves the productive rituality of an already excellent panettone, but which is enriched with a note of taste with an undisputed character. In this pastry masterpiece, the highest quality white chocolate marries the decisive notes of 100% Arabica artisan coffee, whose beans, all from the best plantations in Colombia, are cold melted in the Tiri laboratory.

Even the salted caramel and chocolate panettone is a real excellence of the Tiri pastry making. In this innovative product, the sweet taste conferred by caramel and chocolate is balanced by a pinch of Cervia salt, creating a leavened product with an exclusive character whose peculiar ingredients are perfectly balanced.

The apricot , bergamot and chocolate panettone is instead fresher, but in any case decisive, a product whose delicate fruity notes are obtained from the presence of the precious dehydrated apricots of Tursi. To give a slight note of thickness, the presence of bergamot, accompanied once again by the inevitable sweetness of chocolate.

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