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Paola Turani, gorgeous and with a big belly, enchants Venezia 78 with her looks


Sparkling on arrival, very elegant on the red carpet Paola Turani in the ninth month of pregnancy gives style lessons

Perhaps someone else would have chosen not to go to Venice 78 in the ninth month of pregnancy, at least to escape the question of what I’m wearing, the universe of maternity garments cannot satisfy and put everyone at ease, but the lesson that she gave us Paola Turani, of style, stubbornness and determination shows us instead that the saying he who seeks finds is true for everything.

And so in view of this September that brings us to the routine but still makes us hope for some unexpected and stolen weekend in which to show off summer colors again, the arrival look at the Lido and the red carpet look by Paola Turani are pure inspiration in sight. important appointments or carefree days.

Paola Turani in Venice 78: the Missoni day look, inspired by the colors of summer sunsets

Even more beautiful than the very elegant red carpet dress, the first confirmation that Paola Turani would have conquered us with her looks was given to us since her arrival by motorboat. Being in the ninth month of pregnancy, the influencer chose something comfortable, easy to wear and wear, but which would honor the special occasion of the exhibition with a touch of glamor .

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She therefore chose a Missoni stretch dress , perforated , sparkling and inspired by the warm colors of summer : red and orange that meet in a hinted and very delicate shade, giving the dress a two-tone allure. A model that worn with a pair of vertiginous and intertwined heels like those of Turani is the perfect September ceremony dress, with a pair of elegant sneakers, it is the perfect walking outfit. A versatile model that becomes elegant or casual chic when needed. An adorable detail that has not escaped us of course, the mini Lady Dior bag , to be worn like a jewel.

Elegance and sensuality in blue in the evening: the Atelier Emé dress worn on the red carpet

It must be said that Turani in Venice has always made us dream with her red carpets: last year we saw her wearing a beautiful shiny and snug white dress, in recent years she has alternated voluminous dresses, in tulle, other very simple ones that they played with semitransparent and refined decorations. And she has always managed to wear different colors, a tradition to which she remains fond of this year as well, enchanting with a long dress, almost mermaid, in a dark blue color. A breathtaking elegance signed by Atelier Emé .

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Compared to previous years, the influencer has chosen a dress that has managed to combine comfort and glamor, showing us how we can be elegant without necessarily having to choose more sophisticated clothes but which for various reasons may not make us feel completely at ease.

A dress perfectly modeled on our needs but designed for a special occasion, this is the lesson that Paola Turani gives us. And our September fashion challenge could be just this, looking for our perfect balance between comfy and glamor : if we succeeded also with shoes it would also be a double victory!


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