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Parsley in pregnancy: what you need to know to use it safely


Parsley in pregnancy is a food often not recommended. But let’s see if it hurts and how to take it to avoid problems and eat properly while pregnant.

Using parsley in pregnancy is one of the hottest topics when it comes to food. The rumors that revolve around this food are in fact many and often in total contradiction. So let’s try to shed some light on this ingredient that is rich in beneficial properties in its own way but which, like any other food, is right to eat in moderation, especially during pregnancy .

Contraindications of parsley in pregnancy

Obviously, like any food, parsley can also have contraindications , some of which are more serious if you are pregnant.


There is, for example, the risk of contracting toxoplasmosis , which is why raw parsley in pregnancy can be harmful to those who have not developed the right antibodies. To avoid problems it is therefore preferable to use parsley cooked during pregnancy.

That said, it is good to remember that it contains a substance called myrosticin and that in large quantities it can be toxic or cause abortion. But just use common sense and insert it in small doses to flavor first and second courses and you can consume it in peace.

Attention: as for any other food, parsley should always be used only after consulting the attending physician who is advised to ask for a general consultation regarding nutrition in this delicate period.

Beneficial properties of parsley

It is good to remember that parsley is a precious food rich in beneficial properties that make it suitable even for those who are pregnant.

For those wondering if it is true that parsley is bad for pregnancy, then, the answer is no. Provided, of course, it is consumed correctly and without exaggerating the quantities. Among its many properties there are in fact the following:

– It is rich in vitamins , especially A, C and K
– It’s good for your bones
– Protects eyesight
– Stimulates the immune system
– Helps blood clotting
– It is rich in mineral salts

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