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Passiflora or passion flower is a plant with relaxing powers, but it also has many other properties. Here’s everything you need to know about it!

Very well-known for its calming properties, passion flower can be a beautiful decoration, other than a good remedy  with s everal medicinal properties. It has many benefits for our body, especially the species called passiflora incarnata or maypop. At first sight, what strikes is the beauty of its flowers, which according to the variety of the plant can have many beautiful colors.

17th century Jesuit missionaries in South America named the plant “passion flower”. This name was chosen because the flower reminded them of Jesus’ crown of thorns. Missionaries used this plant to explain the Passion of Christ to natives, hence its name.

Passion flower properties

This plant has always been used for its relaxing powers. The extract of this plant, rich in flavonoids, has a sedative action on the nervous system. For this reason, it is useful against anxiety, hysteria, irritability and stress.

Passion flower also has muscle relaxing effects, thanks to its content of alkaloids. Therefore, it is a good antispasmodic that acts on the gastrointestinal, bronchial and genitourinary smooth muscles. Thanks to these properties, it is helpful in case of colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, menstrual cramps and cough.

Passion flower: its properties, benefits and how to use it
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Passion flower can be really useful for people suffering from insomnia. It stimulates night rest, promoting sleep without awakenings. Moreover, unlike other substances, this plant does not cause stultification during the day.

Pregnant women should not consume this plant, because it contains substances with hormones that can stimulate uterine contractions. Furthermore, you must be aware of the possible interaction with anti-anxiety drugs. Passion flower might potentiate their side effects. Ask your doctor for advice before using this natural remedy.

Passion flower fruit: properties

Not only the plant, but also its fruits have benefit for our body. In particular, the ones from the variety known as passiflora edulis: its fruit are called passion fruit or maracuja.

This fruit is rich in alkaloids and has antispasmodic and sedative properties. In order to enjoy its benefits, you can use the green parts of the passion fruit to prepare an infusion to drink when you feel anxious or stressed out. In case of insomnia, drink a cup before going to bed.

How to use passion flower

On the market, you can find passiflora in many different forms. Its drops can be useful for reducing tension and stress. Together with other plants with relaxing effects, such as valerian or hawthorn, passion flower is also excellent to fight insomnia.

Passiflora mother tincture is beneficial against anxiety. You can add 30 drops of it in a glass of water up to three times a day or shortly before going to bed.

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/fiore-fiore-della-passione-1559295/

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