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Peach fuzz is very annoying. Let’s find out the causes of this problem and how to eliminate it.

Peach fuzz on the face can be very annoying for women, that’s why we are always looking for a method to eliminate it with no pain. Of course, we cannot shave as men do, because it would irritate our skin and the regrowth would be considerably visible.

You should first understand if your facial hairs are an actual problem. Everyone has hairs on their upper lip, however our cheeks normally do not need to be shaved. Let’s see the causes of peach fuzz and how to get rid of it.

Peach fuzz on your face: causes

Peach fuzz: its causes and how to remove it
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Peach fuzz on your face is not always something you have to worry about. Sometimes, it’s just hereditary. Moreover, almost all women have “mustache“, that is some facial hair between their nose and upper lip.

However, if you have peach fuzz on your cheeks and chin, and especially if the hairs are thick and dark, there might be a hormonal problem. The responsible could be a testosterone excess, a male sex hormone. In this case, it is better to see your doctor.

Facial hairs: how to get rid of them

Epilation is the only way to remove peach fuzz. Do not shave: even if it is convenient, quick and painless for the rest of your body, using a razor on your face might irritate it.

It is better to choose hot or cold waxing for your face. If your skin is too sensitive and this method is too painful for you, try the Arabian wax, much more bearable.

However, if your hairs are very thick, our advice is to resort to permanent hair removal, with laser or intense pulsed light. In this way, you will get rid of this problem for good.

Peach fuzz on your face: natural remedies

Other than epilation, you can use some natural remedies to make your facial hairs less visible. If they are not too thick, you can bleach them out with chamomile compresses.

In order to weaken your facial hairs, mix a tablespoon of turmeric with some water and rub it on them.

Photo source: https://it.pinterest.com/pin/455919162258644717/

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