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Peak of flu in December: prevention and natural remedies against the symptoms

Peak of flu in December: prevention and natural remedies against the symptoms

With cold temperatures, flu comes along: find out all the natural remedies, how to prevent it and all the symptoms.

Between December 2018 and January 2019 the peak of flu season is expected. A lot of people has already been hit by the virus, so it is important to know all the preventive measures and the natural remedies to fight flu symptoms. Let’s find out together everything we need!

Flu symptoms

More or less, everyone knows that the flu symptoms are: high, sudden fever (often between 38.5 and 40 degrees) and various problems that can involve the respiratory tract (sore throat, sneezing, stuffy nose). Along with these ones, other disorders can occurr. For example, muscle pains, headaches and a feeling of general discomfort and exhaustion.

Usually, flu recovering is spontaneous, in a matter of a few days, but this does not mean that you can underestimate this problem, especially for categories at risk (the elderly, small children, people who suffer from respiratory problems or chronic diseases), because it can cause complications. For this reason, considering also how easily this infection can spread, you need to know some preventive measures.


Prevention: vaccine and rules to follow

The infection may be indirect, by breathing in droplets of saliva expelled from a sick person. Or, it can be direct if you touch your mouth, nose or eyes with contaminated hands. Everyone knows that the most important preventive measure against this disease is the flu shot. However, you can also avoid it by following some simple behaviors:

• Wash your hands often;

• Cover your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze (if you use a tissue, you should immediately throw it away);

• Avoid hanging out with sick people (obviously if possible).

Medicines and natural remedies against flu

As mentioned, in most cases flu passes without having to take drugs. However, you should always take them after having seen a doctor. A professional can suggest the best medicines according to your symptoms (for example, antipyretics to lower the temperature or nasal decongestants for your stuffy nose). Moreover, there are many natural remedies that can help fighting the flu symptoms and to recover as soon as possible.

The most valuable method against flu is resting: your body will recover its energies to fight the virus with more strength, Moreover, by staying at home you avoid infecting other people. Vitamin C plays a vital role, so eat lots of  citrus fruits, kiwis, carrots, broccoli and spinach. Try also honey, which can give relief to your throat (you can add it in a cup of hot milk), and garlic, which is a real natural pharmacy. Finally, an aerosol with boiling water, baking soda and essence of eucalyptus also gives relief.


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