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Pearls and rhinestones on your hands: the new seasonal jewel!

Pearls and rhinestones on your hands: the new seasonal jewel!

The new beauty trend is pearl and rhinestone manicure, not only on your nails but also on your fingers!

The beauty world never stops to amaze us, and the novelty of the moment is the manicure with pearls, rhinestones and glitter. The new trend comes directly from Asian countries: its creator is Park Eunkyung, which is known as Unistella on Instagram.

It is a revolution in manicure, but definitely can not be worn every day. We recommend you to choose it for a little eccentric and different from the usual glam night. The new trend is everywhere on social networks because it is very Instagram-friendly. Actually, on Instagram you can find lots of pictures and video of the bling-bling effect.

Everything about the new fashion manicure with pearls and rhinestones!

Pearls and rhinestones are the overall trend  for autumn 2018 and winter 2019. The bling-bling effect will be everywhere, in fashion, accessories, shoes, bags, clothes, but the more extravagant will be the one on nails and fingers.

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The Korean nail artist Park Eunkyung was the one who launched this trend. She not only decorated nails, but also filled them with beads and rhinestones. She also created a sparkling waterfall on fingers. The result is unexpected, elegant, refined, chic, sensual and very feminine.

You can dare with this trend for a glamour night. The base of your nails will stay nude and it will be decorated with pearls and rhinestones. In this period, French manicure is back in fashion, so you can try and combine the two innovations: French manicure and pearls and rhinestone nails. You will shine like a star and amaze everyone!

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