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Peasant flavors with pecorara lamb

Pecorara lamb

Butter and onions are enough to transform the sheep meat into an amazing second course. We are talking about the pecorara lamb recipe.

There are recipes that, only to hear them mentioned, they know of ancient and among these there is the lamb alla pecorara. It is the good housewives who once again teach us how to enhance what is available, in this case lamb meat , with few ingredients.

Typical of all those areas of central and southern Italy, where sheep farms were once widespread, lamb alla pecorara is one of the typical dishes on Sundays. A simple side dish of baked potatoes will suffice and immediately an atmosphere of celebration and conviviality will be created in your living room. If you add to this that butter and onions are enough to cook it, that’s it.

Pecorara lamb
Pecorara lamb

How to prepare the pecorara lamb recipe

  1. First cut the lamb into pieces, wash it and dry it with kitchen paper.
  2. In a thick-bottomed pan , ideal are those of copper or earthenware that spread the heat to perfection, put the butter and the onion cut into slices not too thin.
  3. Season with a couple of bay leaves and add the lamb into pieces .
  4. Brown it on a high flame until the cooking juices have browned, then add the white wine.
  5. Close with the lid and let it cook for an hour over low heat, stirring occasionally by simply shaking the saucepan. Season with salt and pepper .
  6. Serve the lamb when cooked with its cooking juices.

As you have seen, this recipe is really simple and can be counted among your main courses that are easy to bring to the table. In fact, this type of meat is often left aside convinced that cooking it is too difficult and yet a glance at our recipes with lamb is enough to realize that this is not the case.


Lamb alla pecorara can be kept in the refrigerator , well covered, for 2-3 days . Before consuming it, we advise you to heat it in a pan for a few minutes. We do not recommend freezing in the freezer.

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