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Pegane diet: what it is and how it works

pegane diet

The pegan diet is a mix between the vegan and paleo diets. One way to lose weight and keep fit by following two different regimes. Let’s find out how it works.

When we talk about the pegana diet we mean a combination of two completely different eating styles which are paleo (usually meat-based) and vegan which, on the other hand, does not contain any type of animal protein . It is therefore a very special diet that can be difficult to put into practice. If the paleo is based on the consumption of meat, fruit and vegetables by banning all forms of dairy products or legumes, the vegan, on the other hand, needs legumes to be able to draw on a good protein source. It is therefore a combination for which anyone who decides to follow it must be ready to make certain compromises.

How the pegana diet works

The main aspect of the pegana diet is the type of food that is allowed to eat.

pegane diet
pegane diet

According to the paleo-style protocol of Hyman’s vegan diet, the following are in fact granted:

– Fruit
– Vegetables
– Meat from sustainably raised animals and to be consumed in moderation
Dried fruit
– Foods with healthy fats
– Sugars (but only rarely)

On the other hand, legumes (with the exception of lentils), wheat and its derivatives, all dairy products, vegetable oils and foods produced industrially and therefore rich in chemicals are prohibited.
A way of eating which, if not performed correctly, can therefore be highly unbalanced and which is therefore recommended to be undertaken only after medical advice.

Pros and cons of the pegana diet

A diet like the pegana one, thanks to the almost total absence of sugars and the lack of hydrogenated fats, is certainly useful for those who want to lose weight or those who need to eliminate foods such as dairy products or flours.

As already mentioned, however, it is a diet in which many nutrients are lacking. And, precisely for this reason, many scholars consider it unsuitable. Opinions are therefore conflicting. Another reason why before facing it it is good to contact a nutritionist. In fact, it is not certain that, while helping to lose weight, it is a diet suitable for everyone.

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