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Pencil: how to apply it to have bigger eyes

Eye liner

Learn the tricks to apply the pencil to make your eyes appear bigger. Some of these are truly a marvel!

When it comes to make-up , the eyes are always the great protagonists. Between eye shadows, pencils and eyeliner, the ways to make them more beautiful are in fact different. In addition, there are several tricks to intensify the gaze or make the eyes appear larger. An effect that can be achieved with a simple pencil and a little attention. Let’s find out everything there is to know!

Pencil – the most effective tricks to enlarge the eyes

Those who love to focus everything on the eyes know well how make-up can give great satisfaction in this sense. In the case of small eyes, for example, you can use some small tricks that can make them appear larger and give them greater intensity .

Eye liner
Eye liner

To put them into practice you just need a well-tempered black pencil (eyeliner is fine too) and if you want another butter-colored pencil.

– Draw a line along the eye following its shape and ending shortly after the upper eyelid with a tail pointing upwards. This will give a sense of openness that will make the eye appear larger. At this stage it is important that the stroke is accurate, which is why it is important not to smudge the pencil .
– Apply the pencil also in the upper rim in order to make the gaze more intense and make the eye appear larger.
– For the lower rhyme, however, it is better to avoid black and opt for a butter color (not white) which, even applied just under the lashes, will help to increase the detachment and make the eye appear larger. Which will be even more evident after applying mascara.

Other tricks to combine with the use of the pencil on the eyes

To have bigger eyes , you can use other tricks which, combined with the pencil, help a lot.
The first is to use light eyeshadows in order to make the eyelid brighter.

Mascara can then be applied in order to concentrate it mostly in the central part.
The illuminant is always a good choice, especially if applied in strategic points such as the final or initial part of the eye.

And finally, even if not everyone knows it, taking care of the eyebrows is also essential. Eliminating any unnecessary hairs and giving them a more precise and tidy shape, always with the help of the pencil, can go a long way in making the look more interesting.

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