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Pendulous fibroids: how to eliminate them?

Pendulous fibroids

Pendulous fibroids: what they are and how to eliminate them completely with home methods based on natural products and disinfectants.

Pendulous fibroids are very common skin growths that can affect anyone. The name, which can trigger concern at first glance, actually hides very common unsightly vices known as leeks . Aesthetically, therefore, they are small pieces of skin that emerge from the skin and in some cases look like moles ; they have the same skin color, are sometimes a little darker, and generally grow several in the same area.

The most common solutions for the removal of pendulous fibroid are for example surgical laser and electrocoagulation. In both cases the use of local anesthesia may be necessary, especially if very large. In mild cases , however, effective and non-aggressive home methods can be adopted: let’s see, therefore, how to remove pendulous fibroids at home with natural and do-it-yourself remedies.

Pendulous fibroids
Pendulous fibroids

Pendulous fibroids: 3 grandmother’s remedies

The most affected areas are neck , armpits, groin or eyelids. For these reasons, they are considered unsightly despite being benign , non-contagious and in no way involve health risks. To remove them you can use three classic grandmother’s methods: cotton thread, apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil.

1. The use of cotton thread is a natural method that resists over time and consists in choking the fibroid to favor its drying out . A cotton thread is tied to the base of the growth which over time will close the capillary that feeds the pendulous fibroid favoring its natural fall.

2. A second remedy is to use apple cider vinegar . The procedure is very simple: just dip a cotton ball inside the apple vinegar and exert a light pressure on the affected area. Repeat this twice a day for a period of at least three weeks until the fibroid comes off.

3. Tea tree oil should also be tried. Also in this case, dab on the affected area with cotton impregnated with tea tree two or three times a day for a long period.

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