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Perfect hairstyles to hide dirty hair!

Perfect hairstyles to hide dirty hair!

Having dirty hair and no time to wash it has happened to everyone. What to do? Here are some tricks to hide dirty hair!

It is impossible to go through your day with not completely clean hair: it can affect your mood, especially if you have a special date. Having time to wash your hair is not always possible, but you can use some remedies and avoid bad impressions or uncomfortable feelings. Dry shampoo might help you, but you can also rely on some hairstyles ideal for hiding dirty hair!

Hairstyles to hide dirty hair

-Wear a headband. They are cool and can give a special touch to your look. What better occasion to wear a headband? You can hide your dirty hair and have a unique look! It is a must-have accessory.

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-Half updo. A half bun can save us from the nightmare: make a messy half updo, and wave your loosen hair. This “crazy” look  will hide your dirty hair, and it is very easy to make!

-Chignon. As we have just said, a messy look might hide dirty hair. This messy bun is perfect for every occasion, because it matches any outfit!

-French braid. This is a very fashionable hairstyle! You can also create two braids or a side one. Unfortunately, It is more difficult if you have layered hair.

If you do not want to tie your hair, you can make a homemade dry shampoo!

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