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Perfumes for hair: the 6 best products not to be missed

Perfumes for hair

Even the hair needs care and attention: not only shampoos, masks and creams… here are the 6 best perfumes for shiny and fragrant hair!

Not only do they give perfume to our hair , but they hydrate and nourish it without any kind of dryness. That’s why we should resort to the use of hair perfumes all year round, not just in summer!

The fragrances specifically designed to give volume, freshness and lightness to our thick foliage, which deserves to expand a delicate perfume without being attacked by unsuitable products. On the market we can find a wide choice of different perfumes, from the most neutral to the strongest, to be sprayed wherever we are and, above all, when we want. Here are the 6 best hair scents!

The 6 best hair scents

Perfumes for hair
Perfumes for hair

On the market we can find them with the name of ” hair mist ” and they indicate the perfumes to be used on the hair to make it perfumed, hydrated and light. Here are the best ones:

1. Chanel n.5. How not to give priority to the perfume most loved by women? This is the hair fragrance that gives sensuality and femininity in all respects!

2. Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent. A delicate fragrance with argan oil, it gives softness and lightness to the hair in very few sprays.

3. Miss Princess Pupa. Feminine, sensual and delicate: the sweet aroma for all women’s hair.

4. Narciso Rodriguez for Her. Surely most are aware of the incredible and delicious perfume of Narciso Rodriguez. Luckily for our hair there is also the hair mist to use when we want!

5. Nashi Argan. One of the most delicate and neutral, the nashi argan hair mist is inexpensive and gives hair softness.

6. Gucci Bloom. With a delicate scent of flowers, Gucci Bloom enhances femininity!

In one fell swoop we can give our hair numerous advantages ! Let’s not forget that to make them shiny and healthy we must always follow a correct beauty routine, as well as to avoid that they sweat and, consequently, give off a bad smell.

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