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Periodontitis would favor electronic cigarettes

Periodontitis and electronic cigarette

Recent research has shown how the use of electronic cigarettes predisposes individuals to periodontitis. Here because.

According to Ohio State University, the use of electronic cigarettes is one of the causes of the onset of periodontitis in smokers. As many will know, these cigarettes have caught on very quickly, especially because they seem to be less harmful .

In any case, the correlation between electronic cigarettes and periodontitis has been demonstrated, a disease that affects the gums and can lead to tooth loss . Furthermore, according to experts, this disease, in addition to endangering the health of our mouth, is related to more serious diseases such as diabetes or cardiovascular diseases.

Periodontitis could therefore be an indicator of more serious pathologies , but for now it seems that the use of e-cigarettes favors the onset of the pathology also in young and healthy patients. Let’s see how.

The causes of periodontitis

The specialists, who published the research results in the journal Science Advences, analyzed a sample of 123 people . The group consisted of 25 smokers, 25 non-smokers, 20 e-cigarette smokers, 25 ex-smokers who now use new electronic devices and 28 smokers who consume regular and electronic cigarettes.

Periodontitis and electronic cigarette
Electronic cigarette woman

The researchers’ goal was to identify the connections between the use of electronic cigarettes and periodontitis. The study unfolded through visual observation of the mouth and analyzing samples of tooth plaque and bacterial flora of the mouth.

The researchers thus identified that smokers who use e-cigarettes, even recently, have a very serious immune-inflammatory response .

It has also been possible to detect changes in the oral bacterial flora and in the mouth. Here, in fact, the appearance of the bacteria responsible for periodontitis and the presence of percentages of glycerol and glycol have been recorded. That is the elements contained in the liquids of electronic cigarettes.

Periodontitis caused by electronic cigarettes

The study conducted by Ohio researchers therefore led to very significant conclusions. In fact, the smoke of an electronic cigarette, unlike what many think, produces the same negative consequences as the smoke of a normal cigarette.

To confirm this there are also the inflammatory response rates and internal balance of the oral cavity. Therefore we can say that the risk of periodontitis for those who use the electronic cigarette is the same as those who consume normal cigarettes .

Obviously it is necessary to carry out other studies, above all to confirm the effects of the systematic use of electronic cigarettes on the health of the mouth and gums.

In the same way, however, it is important to investigate the onset or predisposition to periodontitis, also with regard to other smoking modalities . For example compared to devices that heat tobacco . In fact, according to preliminary studies, it seems that these would have a much lower impact on human health than traditional smoking.

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