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Perioral dermatitis: what it is, what the symptoms are and how to treat it

lip dermatitis

Perioral dermatitis is a problem that tends to occur in the mouth area. Let’s find out what it depends on, how to recognize it and what are the remedies.

Perioral dermatitis is a more common problem than you think. It generally occurs more easily in women and at an age ranging from twenty to forty. In some cases, however, it can also occur in the first months of life or as a child. Often confused with other types of dermatitis , it occurs in different areas of the body but in particular in that of the lips. Let’s find out what are the symptoms to recognize it and how to behave.

Lip dermatitis: the symptoms to recognize it and distinguish it from other forms of dermatitis

As already mentioned, perioral dermatitis occurs more easily in the mouth area.

lip dermatitis
lip dermatitis

This is a skin problem that, if left untreated, can leave scars. This is why it is very important to learn to recognize it in time. Among the most common symptoms are:

Erythema in the face area
– Lesions similar to those of rosacea
– Possible presence of pustules with pus
– Absence of blackheads
– Redness around the mouth
– Desquamation
– Skin that pulls
– Burning in the area where it occurs

To recognize perioral dematitis and distinguish it from other types of dermatitis, it is necessary to consult a doctor in order to start a treatment aimed at combating it.

Why this form of dermatitis occurs and how to treat it

To date, it is not yet known with certainty what caused this form of dermatitis. It is thought that the origin may be allergic and that among the main causes there are intolerances or, in fact, allergies to cosmetic products that are applied to the face. In some cases, corticosteroids could also be a cause, but intestinal or hormonal problems should not be excluded.

As for perioral dermatitis, treatment is often antibiotic or antifungal. While in some cases the doctor may opt for immunosuppressants. Among the natural remedies, cold chamomile compresses are very useful, to relieve redness and inflammation of the skin .

Obviously, if you suffer from this problem it is good to pay close attention to personal hygiene products, always choosing organic and with ingredients that are as healthy and free of fluoride as possible for toothpastes.

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