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Perrier Jouët Champagne: where to buy it and how to serve it impeccably

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Perfect for special occasions, Champagne Perrier Jouët is one of the most sought-after fine wines: here’s where to find it and tips for making the most of it.

Champagne is the absolute protagonist of important parties and celebrations, a timeless symbol of style and refinement. Behind every bottle of this world-famous French wine lies a story, a journey full of traditions and craftsmanship that has its roots in ancient times.

The Maison Champagne Perrier Jouët , in particular, was born in the distant 1810 in the Champagne Épernay region thanks to the lucky meeting between Rose-Adélaïde Jouët and Pierre-Nicolas Perrier : she comes from a family of Norman sellers, he is a skilled winemaker and botanist. It is due to the couple, who shared a love for nature and the arts, for the foundation of an innovative, creative and above all unconventional Maison.

His son Charles took over the reins in 1848, while thirty years later the estate was inherited by his two grandchildren, Henri and Octave Gallice. Internationally celebrated for the quality of its cuvées, in 1861 the Maison Perrier-Jouët made its official entry into the court of Queen Victoria.

sparkling wine bottle

Where to buy Champagne Perrier Jouët

Buying Champagne Perrier Jouët means taking home one of the most celebrated wines globally. Relying on an experienced and qualified supplier is essential to obtain the guarantee of the highest quality and authenticity .

Millésima , specialized in the sale of great wines since 1983, offers exclusively wines purchased directly from the producers, storing them in a bicentennial cellar capable of ensuring perfect conservation.

In addition to guaranteed origin, the Millésima e-commerce portal offers a safe and fast delivery service focused on maintaining the original packaging , also providing a dedicated consultancy service.

How to serve champagne

To serve champagne flawlessly, relying on improvisation is never the right choice. There are a few simple rules to follow on every occasion:

  • the ideal temperature varies between 8 and 10 degrees, therefore it is important to keep the bottle in the refrigerator and equip yourself with the practical bucket filled with ice, in order to avoid variations;
  • avoid shaking the bottle before opening it, which must be done by slowly removing the cap;
  • the champagne must be poured in two stages , interrupting the operation for a few seconds before proceeding with a second pouring, so as not to generate excessive foam;
  • the perfect glass to enjoy champagne is the tulip-shaped one, avoiding goblets and flutes. In any case, the glass should be filled about a third and never completely to the brim.

An extra touch of class

For special occasions and to enhance this fine wine even more, the Maison Perrier-Jouët has created the ” Belle époque ” luxury cuvée, characterized by the particular design of the bottles decorated with the white Japanese anemone : the iconic motif has been created at the request of Henri Gallice by Maestro Émile Gallé in 1902, in the full splendor of Art Nouveau .

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