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Persimmon apple: properties and benefits of the crisper variant of the fruit

persimmon apple

One of the most famous persimmon varieties is the apple persimmon, which is more apple-like and crunchy than regular persimmon. Let’s discover all its properties and benefits.

We all know persimmons, particular orange fruits of Chinese origin, but perhaps not everyone knows that among the varieties of this fruit we can also find the apple persimmon. Also known as persimmon vanilla, it is a fruit widely consumed for its different texture , and is rich in mineral salts and other nutrients essential for the health of the body. Let’s find out in detail what are the properties and benefits of this fruit.

Persimmon and apple persimmon: the differences

What makes the apple persimmon so different is its fundamental characteristic, namely its crunchiness . In fact, it should be known that persimmons usually undergo a treatment known as ammezzimento , a sort of additional maturation that makes the pulp softer and more gelatinous.

persimmon apple
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This process makes persimmons tastier, but undoubtedly impractical: the less compact pulp in fact, makes them less easy to eat or carry in the bag. Apple persimmons, on the other hand, are the only ones to be edible even when they are firm and above all they can be eaten just like an apple.

Furthermore, the size of the apple persimmon is generally larger than a normal variety of persimmon, while the color is a slightly lighter orange, with a shiny skin and extremely sweet pulp.

Persimmon apple: properties and benefits

Now that we have seen the main characteristics of apple persimmon, we can begin to analyze its beneficial properties. This fruit, in addition to being rich in minerals and nutrients , contains high percentages of phytonutrients, beta-carotene and zeaxanthina. These compounds are part of the vitamins of group A , to which the characteristic coloring is also due.

But what really makes the difference in this particular fruit are the vitamins of groups K, C and B3, which give it enormous antioxidant power. Furthermore, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, zinc and manganese ensure that the apple persimmon is able to reduce the aging processes and the action of free radicals. Not to be underestimated is the aforementioned antioxidant action, due to the presence of ascorbic acid , betulinic acid.

persimmon apple dish
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It must also be said that the high fiber content makes apple persimmon an ideal food for those who want to lose weight . In fact, it has a high satiating capacity and facilitates digestion. Furthermore, its extremely sugary taste reduces the desire for sweets. Finally, the benefits that this particular fruit offers to the sight and to the protection of the retina must be remembered.

How do you eat apple persimmon?

The differences between the common persimmon and the apple persimmon are not limited to the content and properties offered by these fruits. In fact, given its consistency, the persimmon apple is normally eaten fresh , sliced ​​or directly in bites, as would be done with an apple.

In addition to being able to consume it naturally, it is possible to transform this fruit into jam or marmalade which, thanks to its sweet taste, can be used to garnish or fill sweets and desserts. The well-known crunchy texture makes it a perfect ingredient for salads or appetizers.

It should also be known that this fruit is typical of the autumn season , but is especially available during the months of October and November.

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