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Persimmon cream: the recipe for a tasty and healthy dessert

Persimmon cream with yogurt

Here is the recipe for an ideal dessert to be enjoyed at the end of the hot season: persimmon cream with yogurt!

To have an extremely tasty spoon dessert, taking advantage of this autumn fruit is a really good idea! The recipe for persimmon cream is incredibly easy to follow, just have the right ingredients and proceed with a few simple steps. With this recipe we offer you a certainly intriguing flavor, enhanced by the presence of yogurt , as well as the unique taste of the macaroons. Not to mention all the beneficial properties of these delicious fruits that appear towards the end of summer.

Persimmons are in fact marketed starting from September (until November and even December depending on the year) and there are two main varieties : apple persimmons and Loto di Romagna. For the persimmon cream recipe it is important that the fruits are firm, otherwise they will have an excessively sweet taste. The advice is therefore to opt for apple persimmons (having this characteristic).

Persimmon cream with yogurt
Persimmon cream with yogurt

Preparation of the persimmon cream

  1. Take the ripe persimmons and wash them well.
  2. Cut the fruit in half, removing the stalk (and possibly the stone if present).
  3. Take the pulp of the fruit with a spoon and place it in a special mixer.
  4. Blend until the persimmons take on the consistency of a real cream.
  5. Transfer what you have obtained into a saucepan, adding the sugar, and heat everything over low heat.
  6. Keep on the stove for about 20 minutes , stirring occasionally with a wooden ladle (in this way the pulp will thicken and not stick to the saucepan).
  7. When the cream has become thick and pulpy enough, turn off the stove and let it cool.
  8. Take a dessert glass and pour the persimmon cream into it.
  9. Pour the yogurt on top of this mixture (in the quantity of about 1 jar or to taste ).
  10. Repeat these last three operations until you get four portions of persimmon cream.
  11. In each glass sprinkle the crumbled macaroons to give your persimmon cream a slight bitter hint (which you can also put inside, after pouring the cream and before the yogurt.


The dessert can be safely served at room temperature once preparation is complete. If the consumption takes place within a few hours , it is good to take care to keep each glass in the refrigerator. It is advisable not to allow more than 2 days to pass for consumption.

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