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Persimmon semifreddo: joy and taste in a single dessert

Semifreddo with persimmons

For an excellent autumn dessert that combines freshness with the typical flavors of the season: here is our persimmon semifreddo recipe.

Good and tasty, persimmons are fruits to which it is difficult to say no, undisputed symbols of the autumn season that give a sweet satisfaction not only on the palate but also on a visual level . For this reason we have this special preparation especially for you, easy to make and with a strong aesthetic, which captures the attention thanks to its orange-colored icing that lightens as the spoon sinks into the dessert.

Are you curious to get to work? Great! Let’s see together how to prepare this persimmon dessert.

Semifreddo with persimmons
Semifreddo with persimmons

Preparation of the persimmon semifreddo recipe

  1. First of all, take care of the persimmon puree, remembering to set one aside for the final decoration.
  2. Then remove the peel of 4 persimmons and pour their pulp into a container.
  3. Blend everything with the sugar, until the mixture is smooth and homogeneous .
  4. Then whip the cream until stiff and add it little by little to the persimmon puree. Mix carefully, without stirring the mixture, as too mechanical actions could disassemble the cream.
  5. At this point, decide whether to use single-portion cups or a rectangular plumcake mold and then pour the mixture into them.
  6. Level the surface evenly with the help of a spoon.
  7. Once this is done, put in the freezer and let it rest for at least 6 hours. The time is variable, the important thing is that it has reached the right degree of hardness, in such a way as to serve it safely.
  8. Before serving it at the table, take care of the decoration: then take the remaining persimmon , peel it and sift the pulp. You get a smooth and colored puree that you have to distribute on the surface of your parfait.
  9. Top it all off with a few mint leaves to give an extra touch of freshness.

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The persimmon parfait is perfect to serve as a delicate and tasty end of a meal , as well as a refreshing snack. Despite this, if you decide not to consume it immediately or if you have some leftover, you can keep it in the fridge for up to 2-3 days from the date you prepared it.

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