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Persimmons in oil: the perfect sweet and sour recipe

Persimmon in oil

Here is the recipe for excellent sweet and sour persimmons in oil, perfect as an appetizer for any occasion!

Having jars in your home containing these exquisite persimmons in oil is truly a great asset ! It is in fact a healthy and nutritious food, perfect to embellish your table, especially in the case of special events. The sweet and sour scent is ideal to precede any main dish. The preparation is really very simple and fast, just follow a few simple steps . Let’s see them together.

Persimmon in oil
Persimmon in oil

Preparation of the recipe for persimmons in sweet and sour oil

  1. Wash the persimmons well, cut them in half and remove the stalk (including the core if present).
  2. Create thin slices (or cubes), about 3 mm thick.
  3. Take a saucepan and mix in apple cider vinegar, olive oil, salt, sugar, garlic and bay leaf.
  4. Place the pot on the stove, bring everything to a boil and dip in a third of persimmon at a time .
  5. Once the mixture (after adding the persimmons) has resumed boiling, cook for 3 minutes, stirring occasionally with a ladle.
  6. Collect the cooked persimmons in a bowl and repeat the process with the rest.
  7. Once the cooking phase is finished, remove the garlic and bay leaves and pour all the “sauce” created into the bowl where you have placed the persimmons.
  8. Let it rest at room temperature for 24 hours .
  9. The next day, get two glass jars with lids and sterilize them (even if they are new); do it at least 2 hours before placing your persimmons.
  10. After that, you can finally get your brine back.
  11. Place the slices or cubes gently inside the jars , filling them up to 2 cm from the rim.
  12. At this point cover them with a tablespoon of olive oil, press and close the jars hermetically.

If you want another similar recipe you can always try to make pumpkin in oil !


Leave the persimmons in oil in the pantry, preferably in a cool, dry and dark place. Before consuming them it is important to wait at least 1 month , periodically checking the oil level (top up if you notice a drop). Consumption should preferably take place within 1 year . In the event that the jars are opened and the contents are not taken up completely, the storage must be moved to the fridge, taking care to add olive oil to the surface whenever part of the contents are taken.

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