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Persistent cough? Here’s what it depends on and how to cure it

elbow cough

Persistent cough is a problem that can also be important. Let’s find out what it depends on and how to cure it.

When we talk about persistent cough we mean a problem that tends to last over time and which, unlike other types of cough, is not resolved with normal treatments. This can depend on various factors that if prolonged over time and not treated properly can become chronic, leading to a continuous and difficult to calm cough. A cough that therefore should not be underestimated and that at the first signs (or when it seems to last longer than expected) must be addressed in order to limit the damage.

Continuous cough: the causes

When it comes to persistent cough, the reasons behind it can be various. Some may be due to respiratory problems neglected by time, atria from untreated diseases and still others from pathologies that go beyond bronchial problems and the like.

elbow cough
elbow cough

In short, persistent cough has all kinds of causes and among which the most common are:

– Infections of the respiratory system treated incorrectly
Badly treated bronchitis
– Heart failure
– Gastroesophageal reflux
– Health problems to be ascertained

What matters is to go to the doctor immediately in order to ascertain the specific cause in order to find the right treatment. It is in fact important to keep in mind that a persistent cough over time can worsen to become chronic.

Natural remedies for persistent cough

Obviously, even this type of cough, like that cough can be soothed. Among the most common natural remedies are:

– Hot milk with honey
– The cumin infusion
– The hydroalcoholic extract of caraway
– The infusion of helichrysum

These are obviously remedies that serve more than anything else to alleviate the problem and that work best only if you already know the cause. If warm milk with honey is suitable for relieving a cough due to a badly treated flu, the infusion of helichrysum is more useful in case of bronchitis still in progress.

For best results it is therefore important to hear the opinion of your doctor in order to understand the actual cause and find the most suitable solution.

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