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Phlebitis: Natural Remedies That Work

leg problems

For those suffering from phlebitis, natural remedies are a good way to find relief easily. Let’s find out which are the most effective of all.

When it comes to phlebitis, natural remedies are one of the most popular topics . This condition, which can occur as a result of various causes, in fact leads to severe pain in the legs. We therefore try to recognize the symptoms and understand how to act in a natural way to support the therapies prescribed by the treating doctor and at the same time feel relief.

Phlebitis: Symptoms and Causes to Know

As already mentioned, phlebitis can present itself for different problems. Generally the causes are linked to trauma to the veins, bacterial infections, diseases or the use of aggressive drugs. There is also a percentage of inheritance that can come into play.

leg problems
leg problems

As for the symptoms, the most common are:

– Ache
– Itching
– Edema affecting the legs
– Burning
– Redness of the veins on the surface
– Fever
– Sense of numbness

Generally, if you have one or more symptoms, you should go to a doctor in order to get a diagnosis. Once this is done, you can add to the recommended treatments the possibility of helping yourself in treating phlebitis with natural remedies.

Leg phlebitis: the most effective natural remedies

The first thing to do when suffering from phlebitis is to change your diet . Avoiding so-called inflammatory foods (sugars, red meat, dairy products and foods rich in saturated fats) can in fact help to soothe the sense of discomfort. As for the recommended foods there are currants , blueberries, ginger, turmeric, walnuts, asparagus, watermelon and garlic.

Going to the real remedies, currant nigrum, combined with Centella asiatica certainly gives some relief to the legs. At the same time, always working on your lifestyle, you should increase your walking and keep your legs raised at least half an hour a day. Then there are ointments based on gotu kola or red vine that help relieve swelling and make the legs lighter.

Finally, compresses based on Aloe vera gel can help you not feel pain.
What matters is to include these remedies within the treatment prescribed by the doctor and the possible use (if recommended) of elastic stockings. Acting in synergy, in fact, greater benefits will be obtained.

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