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Pilates: the most important benefits we all should know


The benefits of pilates: let’s find out what there is to know about this discipline and what are the greatest benefits that can be gained by performing it.

When it comes to pilates, the benefits it gives to those who perform it are among the most requested effects .
It is in fact a discipline known to bring significant benefits both from a physical and mental point of view. So let’s find out which are the most important and how to get them.

Effects of pilates: what are the really important benefits for those who practice it and how to get them

Pilates is a known discipline and considered valid both for sportsmen and for those who approach physical activity for the first time.


It is in fact a way of training that, a bit like yoga, respects the personal characteristics of those who perform it, satisfying the various needs and thus making itself valid both for recovering from injuries and when you are pregnant.

A discipline that boasts numerous interchangeable exercises and which among other things also helps the mind. But what are the best known benefits? Pilates tones the body and relaxes the muscles and all this by improving concentration. But it does not end there, because among the many beneficial effects there are:

– Better breathing
– More elasticity
– Greater muscle control
– Better stability
– Less pain
– Better posture
– Toning of the whole body
– Strengthening of the abdominal muscles
– Elimination of stress
– Improve mood

All effects that make it a really important discipline and that everyone should try at least once in order to understand if and how much it can be useful to be included in the physical activity performed.

How you should do pilates to get constant and personalized benefits

As already mentioned, pilates tends to adapt to whoever performs it. Thus, even the way of practicing it can change from case to case. In general, these are 50-minute sessions that can be carried out both with exercises to be carried out on the mat and with the help of some tools.

During the session it is very important to coordinate your breathing and repeat each exercise between five and ten times, always precisely.

If you train every day with other sports such as running, it can be useful to practice it once a week. If, on the other hand, you aim to find a greater personal balance or a Pilates physique (therefore more harmonious and sculpted), you can also practice two or three times a week, perhaps alternating it with some fast walking.

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