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Pink streaks: who they are good for and how to get them

Woman with pink hair

Are pink streaks good for everyone? Let’s find out if it really is and how to get it for a perfect result on brown hair.

With the arrival of summer, the desire to change looks is getting stronger. Among the most popular choices of the moment are the pink streaks. A romantic and casual way to give a touch of color to the hair without completely distorting the basic coloring. Pink, however, is not good for everyone. It is therefore important to follow some rules to understand when it is appropriate to wear it and how to help it maintain itself well over time, without it fading after the first days of sun and sea.

Pink streaks: who they are good for

In general, it is good to remember that the color pink is good for those who are blonde and, therefore, with a light complexion . Alternatively, it also goes well on those with brown hair and a non-olive complexion. Even better if you have light eyes.

It is instead not recommended to apply it if you have red hair or a dark complexion. At the same time, those who usually wear make-up with very bright colors may be more suitable for other types of color.

Hair dyed woman
Hair dyed woman

Pink streaks on brown hair: how to apply them

Going to the application, if for blondes, focusing on pink is quite simple, those with darker hair need an extra step.
To get the pink streaks on brown hair it is in fact necessary to start with hair bleaching.

Only when they have assumed a shade of blond will it be possible to proceed with the pink color. This is an important step in which those who carry out the work must understand what is the shade of pink that best suits the complexion and the eyes of those who will wear this color. An operation that if done well will give a practically perfect result.

Being a light color, the tendency of the pink color is to fade with time, leaving a yellowish effect to emerge. To overcome this, in addition to the basic rules for making hair color last , it is important to protect it before exposing it to the sun.

It is also good to always use specific products for colored hair and therefore able to take care of the hair structure, closing the scales well and making the color bright.
These are small precautions that, once followed, will guarantee a perfect hair and bright tones, perfect for showing off both day and evening.

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